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code·kit / kōd·kit 
(1) : On-demand code solution and instructions so you can complete your next coding task 5x faster.


You define your task requirements and preferred technologies.
An experienced developer creates a separate code solution showing how they would do it.
Use their working example to complete your task in your codebase in record time.




Designed for users with low-code plaftorms like Shopify, Webflow, Wix, & WooCommerce

Subscription access to our library of existing CodeKits

On-Demand access to request new CodeKits at $250/CodeKit




Designed for users who want to request custom front-end or back-end code solutions.
Subscription access to our library of existing CodeKits

On-Demand access to request new CodeKits at $250/CodeKit




Designed for users who want to request full-stack and cloud infrastructure code solutions.

Subscription access to our library of existing CodeKits

On-Demand access to request new CodeKits at $250/CodeKit


  • What's the secret sauce behind CodeBuddy?
    The fastest way to get your task done is to see a code solution in your exact tech stack without any bugs. Guaranteed to be faster and more insightful than AI.
  • Are CodeBuddy and AI going to steal my job?
    Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub said it best: “The amount of software in 10 years is only going to exponentially grow. We have an ever growing number of lines of code we have to manage, we have an ever-growing number of ideas that we have, and quite frankly, every company is now a software company.” Neither CodeBuddy nor AI is going to keep up with the increasing demand for software developers. CodeBuddy's goal is to help developers with tasks that have become the status quo so they can work on more innovative and one-of-a-kind features that drive revenue. See this article on TechCrunch.
  • Can CodeBuddy match our coding styles/standards?
    Yes. By uploading mockups, or sample coding files, you can give CodeBuddy information on your coding styles, architecture, standards, etc.
  • What tasks are a good fit for CodeBuddy?
    CodeBuddy can provide value to any task as long as a expert can complete it in a separate code solution. They can design it with as much information as you want to share with them about your system. For example, a standalone UI component/page created using your mockups and designs, integration into a third party API, or setting up and accessing a new cloud resource are great tasks.
  • How big of a task can I post?
    Our ideal task size is something that would take a subject-matter expert 10 hours or less to complete. If you have larger projects you can post them and our experts will help you break them down into smaller stand-alone tasks. Keeping tasks smaller in size is the best way to make sure that your team is designing clean software and staying on schedule. Plus, it's easier to learn new concepts when they are not mixed up with a lot of other code and features.
  • How quickly are CodeKits completed?
    CodeKits are typically completed within 3 - 5 business days. CodeBuddy manages the entire process so all you have to do is upload your requirements and while you're working on other tasks, CodeBuddy is completing your next CodeKits.
  • Is CodeBuddy a secure solution?
    Yes. Our expert CodeBuddies don't have access to your codebase, they build a separate solution, they don't know who they are working for, and we test their solution.
  • What's the financial risk of using CodeBuddy?
    None. As long as you provide accurate requirements, we offer a money-back guarantee for our CodeKits. If you aren't satisfied, we will return your money.
  • How do I sell this to my boss?
    Tell them that companies that rank high in developer velocity outperform their competition in revenue by four to five times. Send them this article as proof (McKinsey & Company). Every task with CodeBuddy gets done 5x faster and 5x cheaper (money-back guaranteed).
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