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Is It Taking Forever To Get New Software Features Out The Door?

There is a reason.  New feature research tasks are unpredictable and can blow up a sprint.
Don’t worry, your team is not alone.  It’s incredibly hard for developers to learn a new piece of technology quickly, using all the best practices, and not getting stuck on something. 
I can’t tell you how many features I’ve seen where our devs thought they had something implemented correctly only to find out a couple iterations down the line they missed an important piece that caused us to miss our release date.  Does that sound familiar?

Streamline Feature Research Tasks

CodeBuddy is a startup run by experienced software engineers.  We have felt the sting of lost time and wasted energy, researching new technology for feature development.
Our goal is to drastically reduce  friction during feature development .
We’ve tested the solution on our own development efforts and it has cut the time and cost of our development by 75% or more

Do It Right The First Time

Massive amounts of development time is wasted implementing new features only to find out later there is a better way to do this. 

Our network of codebuddies allows us to work with experts in your specific technology that can help you implement best practices the first time. 

Accelerate Your Sprint Velocity

CodeBuddy can virtually remove research tasks from your sprints by letting us do it for you

We will quickly scope out your needs and one of our experts will do your technology research for you.
Here is how we will deliver our research to you
  • An easy step-by-step document how to implement the the new technology
  • A fully tested proof of concept in code in a repo or zip file
  • A video walking your devs through the ins and out of the solution
Our team will test to ensure the highest quality work is delivered to you.
With a working and tested example in hand, your devs can quickly implement the solution right, the first time. 

Reduce Development Costs

Don't waste your development team's precious sprint capacity on never ending research tasks. 

We do the research for you for an very affordable hourly rate.  You don't have to pay for benefits or vacation time, just pay for deliverables.

Only $40 Per Hour

Why is the rate so low?  What's the catch?

No catch. We are looking for three to five beta companies to work and further validate our process manually as we finish automating it.

What if the deliverables aren’t easy to implement?

Our goal is to help reduce development friction by setting developers up for success. If our solutions don’t help, then we didn't do our job correctly and we won’t charge you. 
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